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Constantly changing and reconfiguring 😁

Search PoC with 'exact' search mode

Search PoC with 'include' search mode

Performance improvements

Wildcards support

Test setup & test coverage

CLI tool with code editor

Dec 2021

🧠 Build PoC

Send PoC among friends for initial feedback

Bug fixes for edge cases

PoC licensing mechanism

Imports based search

Improve support for JSX and TS type annotations

Make include mode flexible

Search by files changed since last commit

Improve ergonomics of CLI tool

Jan - Mar 2022

👨‍💻 Build CLI tool MVP

Setup landing project with blitz.js

Choose branding colors

Outline roadmap

PoC for new 'text' search mode

Describe project goals, motivation and features

Add simple documentation page

Implement landing page playground

Jun 2022

🌐 Build basic landing page

Implement new 'text' search mode

Release CLI tool to NPM

Jun 2022

🚢 First public release

Implement Visual Studio Code extension

Multi statements search

Several minor bug fixes

Enhance documentation page

Dec 2022

🚀 Release VSCode extension with all search features

Marketing activities to gather users and feedback

Support all programming/markup languages in text search mode

Add PoC support for other programming language

Work on making structural search language agnostic ready

Implement ESLint plugin for finding restricted code

Focus on blog engine and posts about CodeQue

Mar 2023

💅 ESlint plugin beta release

Bindings / references analysis in search

Query extensions for structural search modes


PoC of duplicates detection


Advanced Query builder for structural search modes


PoC of replace algorithm

Add PoC support for other programming language

🔌 Enhancements for 'exact' and 'include' modes

💪 Replace algorithm for 'exact' mode

🤯 Replace algorithm for 'include' mode

🍣 Automatically find duplicated code


🥷 CodeQue Pro for Teams